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With more than 2.7 BILLION active monthly users you can be assured that Your ideal customer is browsing through their Facebook feed on a daily basis. Which makes it a No-brainer to go ahead and target people who might be a good fit for solar. Yet there are still Solar business owners who say “I don’t think my customers are on Facebook”, instead resorting to magazine ads, billboard ads, the occasional social media post, and word of mouth referrals, radio, TV, etc… While they may have some degree of success, these strategies can be summed up in six words: you’re leaving money on the table. 

The power of data driven insights is what makes Facebook advertising so powerful. It allows you to target specific demographics, geolocations, and groups of people with particular interests or hobbies. This data alone has much more potential to deliver great ROI figures than non-targeted advertising techniques.
We have spent over $3M in Facebook Ads since 2016 and we have ALL the data in the world so we can put your marketing dollars right to work! 

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How Jonah Grew His Solar Sales Company to 10+ Sales People

Jonah had come through an ad, which is quite cool and he was very sceptical like most to work with us at first but after a few short weeks of having us as his lead gen partner he decided to start doing everything in house and grow and inside the sales team. Now He sells solar in multiple states remotely and he’s been able to grow his team to over 10 sales guys in the office.

Youtube ads

Being one of the most valuable and underutilized platforms of its time YouTube is extremely powerful at producing genuine interest from people who are on the verge of going solar. It differentiates quite a bit from other media platforms in its ways of advertising. Educational based marketing works extremely well for generating a genuine interest which makes it perfect for the Solar industry especially if you’re running in-home appointments. 

YouTube is the No. 2 search engine in the world and gets over 6 billion hours viewed per month—and that number will only increase. With YouTube ads, you’re not charged for a view unless the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video or finishes the video, whichever comes first.
YouTube ads can generate Solar sales for you at a cost-effective price and the time to get into YouTube ads is now. Scalable channels like this for Solar tend to get saturated fairly quickly, and that means costs will probably go up in the next year or two.

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What our clients say


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