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How He Made $45k in Solar Sales Commissions With ONLY $600 in Adspend...

This a case study of one of Cale’s students Jordan that we took under our wing to help him scale his solar sales business.
I think It’s worth mentioning that Jordan had no clue or any prior experience selling solar before he came to us and with Cale’s teachings and our lead gen help he managed to set 6 solid appointments off of barely spending 600 bucks.
Jordan took a leap of faith at first and put everything on his credit card in order to do this. Not a bad ROI I must say...

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How Eric Gets $200-300 CPA in Solar

In this video, I interview one of my top clients where he shares his experience on how he completely switched in the way he sells solar.
He went from being a door-to-door sales rep to owning a solar sales company with employees where they only sell solar over the phone.
He says he’s never had a lower CPA of a solar system sold in the past although he’s tried multiple solar lead generation agencies and he has bought leads in the past from third party solar lead vendors without much success, in fact he says ended up being a huge waste of time and resources.

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How Cameron and Cale Became Solar Millionaires

They’re seasoned when it comes to selling solar at a distance and are by far the most adequate people I’ve come across in this industry in terms of sales and closing. Their Process is so slick and easy to implement they can teach a toddler how to be successful at selling solar.
Cameron and his business partner Cale have only been with us just over a month at this point and they’ve already seen tremendous progress and a great ROI since working with us consistently closing at least 4-5 deals per week.

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How Jonah Closes 5-10 Solar Deals PER DAY

Jonah has been one of my top clients for a while now and he’s been able to build his business to where he doesn’t have to go knock doors to generate leads or compete on price as his style is very different than most people in the industry and he does everything over the phone. Yes, that's right. He sells solar over the phone in multiple different states from his office in Scottsdale, AZ, and in this video he shares the details on how he does that exactly.

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How To Close Solar Deals Over The Phone

With everything going on in the world and the rapidly changing environment, the need for a change in how we conduct business in 2020 and beyond is long overdue, especially in solar and solar sales (selling over the phone and from a distance).
Regardless of what your opinion is on the pandemic and whether or not has anything to do with politics the facts are that some people are going to feel cringe and uncomfortable if you were to go in their home and pitch them solar and it will be a while until we can go back to doing business as usual if ever.
The new way of selling solar is from a distance and the great thing about selling solar from a distance is that you can do the selling from anywhere in the world and or from the comfort of your home.